Product Info Exchange


This client really had his mind set for a particular UX solution, which did not allowed much investigation whatsoever. However, I was given some liberties with the UI.

The client already had Wireframes that he built, so that was difficult to redesign:

  • There were a lot of usability issues
  • There were a lot of patterns that did not function in smaller screens - the wireframes were all design for a 1080px monitor
  • There was no responsiveness in the designs, and if developed like that the app would be very difficult to use

Also, the client wanted it to have the feeling of a file explorer, and felt that the current site was difficult to use since it looked like a communication website.


Although the client had a lot of restrains to the work, it still came out something that I am proud of. The UI became much more easy to use, and I had to negotiate some components as they simply would not work. A few issues with the work remain, but you win some, lose some, and what I intended was always to work with the client, not against him.

This work testifies that if you still give your best, no matter the challenge, you can come up with some really neat designs, that anyone can be proud of.

UI Examples


  • Data Council

  • 2020

Redesign of a very complicated app, that had a lot of usability problems. This ended up not being developed, but still was great fun to work on these screens.

This app was developed to show all product's information of the client's suppliers, and allow the user to search and download bits and pieces of information that were relevant to him. These data is automatically picked from scanners, and this is the materialisation of that data.


My roles



Screen Flows

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Interaction Design