Conducting Research


During the first times on the company, I was instructed to learn more about the product and conduct several waves of research. However, customer interviews at this time were very rare, and we were trying to push for them to happen.


To get general knowledge of how the product is perceived, both inside and outside the company, we conducted multiple interviews.

This interviews were then analysed, by getting all the main topics people talked about, both stakeholders and customers.

However, the data was kept separate, since it would be contaminated otherwise.

Then, we translated this topics to jobs to be done, so we could have actions associated with them.


We also build User Journeys based on the feedback users gave to us.


We also conducted several interviews in order to establish what proto personas we have using all of our products.



After we had all the data, it was time to present it, in this case to all of the stakeholders, on a Town Hall meeting, in front of 300 people.

I constructed an interactive presentation using Figma, in order to make it more accessible to everyone (at the time we didn't not used any research repository).

In the summary, we could easily see what teams mentioned it, and how many times it was mentioned, the top being the most mentioned.

We also conducted an extensive competitive analysis, in which we can show what are the main features, by topic, that other competitors offered that we did not.

Results and takeaways

This project was hard for me since I never really had done many of these processes. However, I felt like I learned a lot.

Also, the presentation was showed in a Town Hall, where I had the chance to present my work, and was received with great admiration. We were able for the first time to capture insights from research data, which made everyone much more open to conducting research in the future.


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In this page, I would like to showcase some of my processes conducting Research.