Ruben Alegre Dias

"I specialised in lean UX, a methodology that focus on failing fast, delivering faster, and getting the product on the hands of stakeholders as POC and MVP."

I started my design career at a young age, since my father was the owner of a successful advertisement agency. I was 16 when I started working with some of his designers, learning some skills in Photoshop, Corel Draw, and 3D MAX Studio.

I ended up feeling the need of building my own path, and when I was 18 I started working for an advertisement company in my town, "Hell Design".

After a year, I ended up going to college in ESAD.CR, with a graphic design major. I still worked on HellDesign on my weekends, and upon completion, I rejoined, working full time.

After some years, I wanted to change careers to UX/Ui. I started taking a few online courses with a mentor (Designlab) and ended up registering in Interactive Design Foundation. I also learned the basics of HTML and CSS, and set out to try my luck on a new field.

I ended up working as a UX/UI designer for Daymon, a retail giant that was building a new developing team in Portugal. After two and a half years, I was leading a small design team. However, I felt I could learn more before being in a position like this.

So I joined Motork in May 2021, working as a product designer in the automotive area, which is a topic that I love. Here I was able to work with real users, developing my researcher skills, and working with atomic research. I am the Lead Designer of the product StockSpark, an automotive PIM tool. This tool went from being a basic stock management that was given for free to users, to a fully priced Insights tool that gave users the possibility to make real time actions to their publications based on KPIs, resulting in much lower time in stock, and faster sales.

I specialised in lean UX, a methodology that focus on failing fast, delivering faster, and getting the solution tested as soon as possible.

I also love...


I love to paint and draw, although I wish I was a lot better at it.


I love to travel on a Motorcycle, specially a camping trip.

Video Games

I really enjoy video games, with immersive single player stories, and I think they are the greatest art form.